angelinoshi said: Hiya! Thank you for writing the "Dimension Home" series because honestly I'm currently going through 616 Comic canon duress. I haven't read Marvel in over 2 years, so I just took a peek, and I wanted to scream. You helped me cope with some aspects :)

Aww, thank you so much, to be honest writing that was how I dealt with 616 comics canon. I’m not currently reading because of how much shit I’ve heard is going on.


Ian Rogers (aka, my favorite comics character born on the Fourth of July) with special guest star, Steve Rogers (second favorite)

Anonymous said: So as my favourite author you were the first person I thought to ask this. I'm having trouble with character development of this couple that I write about, they never are really "together" but because she won't commit they seperate and move on. A few years later they meet up again after their other previous realtionships have failed. How would you write their friendship growing back into a relationship?

Wow thank you for the vote of confidence! So I will start by saying it does depend on the characters, but in general here are my thoughts:

(I’m going to call the other party ‘he’ just to make it clear which person I’m talking about)

It sounds like your female character here has a lot of commitment issues, (obviously), so what you want to make sure you express is how she’s changed since her first separation from your other character. It sounds like he was alright-ish, or more willing to commit, so you have less to worry about there.

The big things to establish are sort of how the intervening years have changed your characters, and how they have especially made her more willing to commit or why he still is carrying a torch for this other character.

There are a few tactics to take about how I would bring them together in the ‘now’ time but I’m thinking.

  • You need to establish them as friends again. How are they integrating into each other’s lives, how does it feel to have this person back? Does it start as just friendship or is a torch still being carried on one (or both?) side?
  • Make them fall into a mix of old and new patterns. How is this like when they were semi-dating? how is it different? Make parts of it different <- this is very important as it will show how this time is different for them.
  • Leave part of the relationship as friendship, but add little bits here and there that show how they’ve also come to rely on each other in a romantic context while also remaining friends.
  • Who becomes aware of their feelings first? Your female character? Or your male character? If the girl, you’ll probably want to show how she’s changed, mentally, to be willing to commit this time. If the male, you might want to focus on his confusion or a return of his hopelessness that he’s fallen into the same patterns again and yet believes that his not-quite-ex-gf will continue to not be ready for him.
  • If the girl’s the one who twigs to the romance first, she should be looking to prove herself as willing to commit, maybe talking about her future, her desires and goals. If the boy, he should be looking for ways to assure her that he’s not going to push things that made her uncomfortable last time.

Depending on what genre you are going for (e.g. drama, romcom, comedy, relationship in the midst of action) will probably determine how this all comes together.

A drama or action w/ romance you’ll probably want them to have that Moment where something bubbles over and they finally make that push, that ‘damn it I love you again and I want you’ and that resolves well, or maybe with explosions in the background depending on what else is going on.

If you’re going for romcom/comedy you’re going to want to play up the misunderstandings between them as they try and fail to actually express their feelings while the other is seeing something else, perhaps thinking they are looking at another romantic partner or just using them as a bro-friend.

It sounds like you want a slower relationship build, of sorts, here. Your lady character needs to prove to herself - and maybe also the boy - that she’s ready for this relationship now, that she’s moved beyond her commitment doubts, and that she loves him. He needs to assuage these doubts.

Obviously this can be different depending on the character personalities, she might be more gruff about it, or not quite as emotionally aware as I’ve described her up top. If so, sort of leave it in the background as she becomes more attached to boy. Try to convey her maturity not through actual reflection, but through actions. Maybe boy is super wary about falling all over again, show him slowly opening up, mentally, emotionally, and suddenly surprised how attached he is to girl again.

Hopefully this helps! It’s more generic advice, and you’ll need to tool it to your characters’ personalities, but hopefully the rough outline will allow you to plot the character beats that can get them back together to their happily ever after!


Alright, guys, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Apparently the student loan and grant agency overpaid me in the fall, and they just realised that. What does that mean?

imageIt means that instead of $3000 dollars in funding, I will receive 500.

I am, to put it kindly, fucked. I am currently doing an…

"Tony Stark takes on the role of global security by housing The Avengers in the former Stark Tower, now Avengers Tower, where he funds new tech, new costumes, and even a new Quinjet."

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"In a way, there’s a nice parallel between Agent Ward and Agent Coulson, two men who’ve sort of been stripped of everything they’ve believed in and are left with nothing — all of them, collectively, are searching for their purpose. What is the purpose of S.H.I.E.L.D.? How will they define themselves now? Now that Garrett is gone, what does that mean for Ward? Will he come to something on his own? That is something we hope to explore in Season 2."

Maurissa Tancharoen [x]


people who have canonically held the position of director of SHIELD in the comics:

  • maria hill
  • sharon carter
  • daisy johnson
  • natasha romanov (sometimes became acting director as the only level 10 agent besides fury)
  • victoria hand (basically ran SHIELD during osborn’s tenure bc he was too batshit to run it most of the time)

the person they decided to give directorship to after fury in AoS:

  • the boring whiteguy oc who was literally created as the ultimate nondescript agent. unremarkable mediocre shield drone. the good guy equivalent of mindless henchman number 33.

I will note Tony was also DoS. Steve sort of was for a hot minute but he was also ‘Top Cop’? WTF sort of name is that?

Unless the point was to focus on ladies, in which case CARRY ON. I’m salty and I don’t even watch AoS.

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Random idea



Nicole Beharie as Janet Van Dyne


Wanted her for Sue Storm so hard. I think she’d make a great Janet though!



don’t be an asshole

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